Amsterdam city break overview

Amsterdam city breaks offer variety if nothing else. Amsterdam is a city break travel destination that makes a virtue out of canals and cannabis and comes out smiling from bleak, north European winters. So what do Amsterdam city breaks have to entice the UK traveller ?

Well. Amsterdam has a street cafe society that openly defies the city's 230 annual rainy days. And while upmarket art galleries can tout the best in European art, the Amsterdam Red Light District has eye-popping girls pouting and posing behind its neon-lit windows.

As if that weren't enough, there's an annual contest for the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, with a prize for the coffee shop that grows the best drugs; a beer factory tour that's world famous; and, of course, bikes, bikes and more bikes - 700,000 at the last count, nearly one for every person in Amsterdam.

Not all UK tourists on Amsterdam city breaks are there to sample the sex and drugs. Steer clear of the Red Light District and you'll discover a city break travel destination with an unrivalled holiday reputation for art, shopping and entertainment. The restaurants alone make Amsterdam the place for great city breaks from the UK.

First rate Amsterdam hostels are also available for those on budget Amsterdam city breaks. The city has a wide range of accommodation to suit every budget.

If you love Amsterdam enough to come back again and again, a timeshare resale could be a great option. Why not call this laid-back city your home from home? Step out of your timeshare suite, hop onto your bicycle and off you go.

If you are on a tight budget, there are some great cheap hotels in and around the city centre. The big draw is the social scene, a place to meet other travellers and share experiences.

The delightful network of Amsterdam canals creates a cosy atmosphere, while the city's compact centre makes it ideal for exploring on foot. Everything is within easy reach and an inviting cafe or bar is always nearby for a lunch break or welcome drink.

Make sure you include if searching for Amsterdam hotels. They list a good number of quality hotelsat competitive prices with no extra fees for booking.

Paying to eat out three times a day can be expensive but hostels give you the opportunity to cook a few of your own meals using the self catering facilities. If you prefer to be independent, hostels usually offer a number of private rooms with en-suites.’

The galleries and museums are among the best in the world and the cobbled, canal-lined streets, with gabled houses and quiet gardens, are irresistible. There are things to do at every turn. You can marvel at the 17th century architecture or poke around scores of curios shops and designer boutiques.

Getting around Amsterdam is fairly straightforward due to a competent public transport system. For car hire Amsterdam, give Rhino Car Hire a try.

Amsterdam may have a great reputation for city break holidays but the city is not without its problems. Bike thefts top a rising table of petty crime, racially driven street riots are not unknown and the Protestant city fathers have been clamouring for a clean-up of the Amsterdam Red Light District.

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