Cafe Daalder

One of the first things to strike the visitor on a city break to Amsterdam is the wealth of restaurants on offer. Take a walk down any major street in the centre of Amsterdam and there are eateries as far as the eye can see. It is no different when the Amsterdam city break visitor delves deeper. Even the side streets are peppered with eateries, most of them with enticing menus and special offers on display. The Amsterdam visitor can be bewildered at the huge choice on offer and can often be disappointed. The high volume of tourist traffic through the city means the quality of the food can sometimes be quite low while the prices charged can seem astronomical. The wise tourist will veer away from the well-trodden tourist trail and seek out a quality restaurant that can offer mouth-watering meals in a pleasant setting and at prices that won't burn a hole in the pocket Daalder Eten & Drinken is just such an Amsterdam restaurant. The Daalder Eten & Drinken has the cosy atmosphere of a traditional Dutch style "Brown Cafe," but it has been transformed into a quality restaurant offering a simply sensational seasonal menu and ever-changing daily specials. The restaurant is conveniently located right in the heart of the popular Jordaan area of Amsterdam and is divided into a cafe' and restaurant area, seating 60 guests. Among this location's many charms are a spacious terrace which offers a picturesque glimpse of the Noordermarkt and a splendid view onto the Lindengracht each season from March 1st to November 1st. Daalder Eten & Drinken really is a hidden gem in Amsterdam. The business prides itself on the exceptional quality of it's cuisine, the fresh local produce and ingredients used in the restaurant, along with the low price - points which are continually offered to customers on an ongoing basis. This alone continues to exceed many people's initial expectations and goes on to explain why Daalder has been a favourite amongst the local Dutch residents in the area for many years. If you appreciate beautifully presented, hand-crafted dishes that won't blow your budget, Daalder Eten & Drinken is an absolute must whilst on an Amsterdam city break. The Jordaan area in which the Daalder Eten & Drinken is located is one of the most delightful parts of Amsterdam. The Jordaan is an oasis of peace in the busy city, with a maze of narrow streets and picturesque canals, wonderful for strolling around with its quaint courtyards, artist studios, fine houses, old-fashioned "Brown Cafes", boutiques and galleries. The Jordaan's special character makes it a pleasure to visit and, while there, to take a stroll along the canals, around the markets and the small museums, shops and galleries. And if you fancy a meal you will find nowhere better than the Daalder Eten & Drinken.

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